Bleep Bloop – Feel the Cosmos (Official Music Video)

Feel the Cosmos is a Music Video directed by Evert van der Veen. The review on the website describes it perfectly:

“… The video is just as unique as the track pairing Bleep Bloop’s array of synths and samples up with animals to make it appear as if they’re speaking the notes. The animals slowly begin to float towards the sky before being sucked in by a giant head that is watching Earth.”

Client: Saturate Records
Music: Bleep Bloop
Directed by Evert van der Veen
Artwork: Igor Duspara
Animation: Evert van der Veen, Igor Duspara and Jonas Ott
Additional 3D: Steef Jacobs


– KLIK! Animation Film Festival, Amsterdam, 2015
– Playgrounds Festival, Breda and Amsterdam, 2015